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Most information in these pages has been obtained from the following book.

Dattatreya Ramachandra Bendre, G.S.Amur, Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi.

It is a comprehensive introduction in English to Bendre's life and work. A MUST READ for those who want to get to know about Bendre but are unfamiliar with Kannada. I would like to take official permission from Pf. Amur for having used so many extracts from his book but don't know how to contact him. He apparently lives in Dharwad. So if any of you happen to go to Dharwad and come across him, please do ask permission on my behalf. :-) In the meantime, I can only sincerely thank him for the excellent information in his book.

The bio-data of Bendre was extracted from the information in the following book.

Four Strings, Selected translations from "Naku Tanti" by K. Raghavendra Rao et al, Kavyadhara Publications, Dharwad, 1974.

The picture of Bendre in the front page was borrowed :-) (with permission) from the library pages of the Northern California Kannada Koota.

Thanks to Manjunatha Kubasada for the excellent explanation of the poem "iLidu bA thAyi" and to H.R. Chandrashekar for the Bhavageete pages.

Of course, eternal thanks to Kulki, Pavanaja and co. for the Kannada Sahitya Puta which is a precious gift to kannadigas on the internet.

Thanks to Tripod for hosting this site.


This is an appeal to others interested in Kannada literature. Please help me make this a comprehensive and useful resource on Bendre's poetry. I am just getting my feet wet in Kannada literature and therefore am quite ignorant when it comes to knowledge about it. I request others more into Kannada Sahitya to contribute to this site in the following ways As an aside, companies like Tripod, angelfire, Geo-cities offer free web pages to those interested. Please make use of this to create a presence for your favourite Kannada literateur on the web. Thank You.